Audio Effects DSP

FXCore Audio Effects DSP by Experimental Noize
FXCore Audio Effects DSP by Experimental Noize


FXCore from Experimental Noize is a DSP designed for creating audio effects in pro-audio devices. FXCore can operate as a standalone device when paired with appropriate CODECs where it generates all necessary clocks or as part of a more complex system where it will lock to the word clock and bit clock provided by another part of the system.

FXCore can store up to 16 programs and their associated register preset values in its internal FLASH memory so no external program storage is required. By storing preset values in the program header the designer does not need to use instructions just to set initial values.

With 6 potentiometer inputs and 5 switch inputs programs may have real time variable parameters and options such as chorus depth or number of stages in a phasor.

Integrated digital LFOs, ramps and noise generator allows designers to easily program phasors, flangers, chorus and other effects.

Download the Data Sheet

Instruction set
Assembler ‐ V1.1.0 19 August 2020 - Please update now
Assembler quick instructions V1.1.0
Command Line Assembler ‐ Update 9 November 2020
Communicating with the FXCore
FXCore Development Board

App note 1 - Using the INTERP Instruction
App note 2 - Using the PITCH Instruction
App note 3 - Using the LFOs in FXCore
App note 4 - Using the Tap Tempo
App note 5 - Phaser Program
App note 6 - Tap Tempo to LFO Frequency
App note 7 - Filter and POT Cheat Sheet
App note 8 - Our Friend the All-Pass
    Programs for App note 8: ap_low_high.fxc, ap_2_stage.fxc, ap_notch_bp.fxc

Default programs:
prg0 Small Reverb
prg1 Medium Reverb
prg2 Cathedral Reverb
prg3 Plate Reverb
prg4 Delay
prg5 Chorus
prg6 Flanger
prg7 Through Zero Flanger
prg8 Phaser an-5
prg9 Auto wah
prg10 Function Generator
prg11 Compander
prg12 Rotary Reverb
prg13 Double Shift
prg14 Distortion
prg15 Nano Looper

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